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Personal Effectiveness

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Learn from Others

For many years, I have met with a group of men twice a month. We’ve been…

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Scale Your Impact

Our leadership is a composite of many factors: our background, our experiences, our skills, our character,…

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Delegation without Guilt

A question I believe many leaders have struggled with is: How do I delegate without guilt?…

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Six Strategies for Impossible Deadlines

When is the last time you faced an “impossible” deadline? For me, it seems like I’ve…

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No Shortcut to Wisdom

We live in a world that loves speed – our computers, our microwaves, our cars, texting…

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Plan to Grow

Personal growth should be the leader’s highest priority. I liken it to the admonition you hear…

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Don’t Believe Everything You Think

One of my favorite quotes from Andy Andrews is “Don’t believe everything you think.” As…

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The Fine Art of Facilitation

Have you been in a great meeting recently? I know for some of you, that may…

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How To Revive A Culture

At a global leadership summit I attended years ago, Bill Hybels shared some of his “hard…

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Start with the Heart

Every journey has a beginning. Although many of you have been on your leadership march for…

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What’s Big in Your World?

What are you working on that you’re excited about? Is it a project at work? Something…