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A woman sitting in an office across a desk from a man who is interviewing her


Select Top Talent

Selecting employees is not the same as recruiting talent. The difference between the two is profound.…

A group of coworkers sitting around a table with notebooks and pens, listening and taking notes.


New Hire Orientation

Horst Schultze, the former president of the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain, said, ”The most important time in…

Several coworkers around a conference table, listening to and watching a few of those coworkers making a presentation to the group.


Develop More Leaders

What does it take to build a leadership culture? What I discovered when I wrote my…

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Facilitate Engagement

In my book, Chess Not Checkers, I wrote about the most misunderstood and overlooked facet of…

An office of coworkers sitting around a conference table, engaged in a meeting.


Leading Across Generations

I had the privilege of spending a day with Tammy Erickson. Tammy has been recognized as…

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Who Is Your Competition?

Who is your competition? It may not be who you think it is. I was reminded…

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How Fun Is It To Work For You?

When my oldest son was little, I found myself coaching one of his baseball teams. During…

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Trend or Issue?

I have been very fortunate to work with some really smart people. This has had many…

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How Great Do You Want to Be?

Momentary greatness is common – sustained greatness is rare. You may have experienced it yourself. I…

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Purpose Matters

From time to time, I have the opportunity to help a team, business, or non-profit agency…

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Grow Your Leadership Team

When I  began researching the best practices of High Performance Organizations, I was not surprised to…

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Investing in People

In challenging economic times, one of the easiest items to cut from the budget is learning…