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A woman sits at the head of a conference table behind her laptop, with a whiteboard of sticky notes behind her, leading a meeting.


Practice the Fundamentals

I was once asked: What’s the biggest insight you’ve had throughout your career regarding leadership? Wow!…

Tiles on a Scrabble board that are connected together and spell the words Lead, Team, and Succeed


Facilitate Engagement

In my book, Chess Not Checkers, I wrote about the most misunderstood and overlooked facet of…

Two coworkers, a man and a woman, shake hands in the center of the image, looking at each other in agreement


Can I Trust You?

People do not follow leaders they do not trust. If you and I are trustworthy, we’ve…

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Scale Your Impact

Our leadership is a composite of many factors: our background, our experiences, our skills, our character,…

A woman sitting with her laptop open on the table in front of her. Coworkers are sitting around the table with her, and they are looking at her as she speaks.


Creating A Culture of Accountability

How do you hold people accountable? This is a question I’ve been asked many times over…

Game piece tiles spelling out the word 'Wisdom' on a tabletop


No Shortcut to Wisdom

We live in a world that loves speed – our computers, our microwaves, our cars, texting…

A woman standing in an office with windows behind her, giving a presentation to a group of three people seated in front of her.


Don’t Believe Everything You Think

One of my favorite quotes from Andy Andrews is “Don’t believe everything you think.” As…

A collection of multi-colored flower peals arranged into the shape of a heart


Start with the Heart

Every journey has a beginning. Although many of you have been on your leadership march for…

an image of eight people from behind sitting on a barrier near a body of water with their arms around each other


The Invisible Force Behind Amazing Teams

For years, I attempted to learn what separated great teams from the not-so-good ones. All good…