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Our hope is that every leader is empowered to make the choice to pursue healthy leadership practices for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. Lead Every Day was founded on principles that have been backed by years of research and practice used by one of the largest QSR chains in the US. We’re here to elevate you, the leader, and give you the tools to become a High Impact Leader.

Mark Miller

Mark Miller is the co-founder of Lead Every Day. A seasoned business leader, a Wall Street Journal and international best-selling author, and a dynamic communicator, he has worked for one of the world’s great organizations for more than 40 years. Now he inspires leaders to elevate their leadership and helps them unlock their potential.

Mark Miller

Randy Gravitt

Randy is a speaker, author, and leadership coach whose books, talks, and blogs have inspired leaders all around the world to live a life of authenticity and become an integrity-driven leader in all aspects of life. Randy has invested his life to help leaders increase capacity, reach their potential, and grow their businesses. Randy enjoys life with his wife of 30 years and four amazing daughters.

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