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The right speaker can be the spark you and your team need to go from where you are to where you want to be. Whether you need a staff development event, an off-site team building retreat, or a workshop for those you lead, we are here to serve you and your team. Collectively, our speakers have motivated more than 250,000 leaders who have gone on to win sports championships, make a GREAT chicken sandwich, and change the world. Let us inspire you next!

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Our leadership speakers bring decades of experience to the stage, offering dynamic and customized presentations that align with your unique goals. Whether you’re a small team or a massive company, we understand your individual needs, and we’re here to help you succeed.

Lead Every Day presents Mark Miller and Randy Gravitt as primary speakers who inspire and deliver dynamic workshops, keynotes, and presentations for teams and conferences. Their focus is helping clients achieve their specific objectives related to leadership and organizational effectiveness. Lead Every Day is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals and presentations are tailored for each group or event to address various aspects of leadership, including personal leadership effectiveness, team effectiveness, and building enduring and great organizations.

Explore our Speaking Services and embark on a leadership journey like no other. It’s time to lead with vision, strategy, and purpose. At Lead Every Day, your success is our mission.

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Lead Every Day speakers show up to meet your objectives. Our topics cover leadership with a wide lens revolving around personal leadership, team effectiveness, and building great, enduring organizations.


With decades of experience, our communicators connect with audiences in any industry or country. We would love the opportunity to serve your group no matter the size—whether you have a dozen C-suite leaders, or thousands in an arena.


Lead Every Day speakers are here to make you and your audience more successful. We make the content fit your needs every time with custom presentations. Our speakers also have a vast portfolio of proven content to offer—from individual leadership topics to team development and organizational effectiveness.

Mark Miller

Mark is on a mission to spread the message that the truth of leadership effectiveness is both knowable and applicable in all walks of life. Mark and his team at Chick-fil-A invested a quarter century and tens of millions of dollars searching for and validating ideas that work. Now as the Co-Founder of Lead Every Day, Mark shares this research and unlocks the full potential of leaders and teams to create high performance leaders and organizations across the globe.

Randy Gravitt

Randy is not just a speaker; he's a proven leader, an author, and a seasoned coach. His words, both in his books and during his engaging talks, resonate with leaders across the globe, challenging them to lead lives marked by authenticity and integrity. Randy's passion lies in cultivating integrity-driven leaders who excel in every facet of their lives. For Randy, leadership is not just a career; it's a calling. He has dedicated his life to helping leaders create clarity, grow capacity, and foster the growth of their businesses. Randy's unwavering commitment to leadership development inspires leaders to excellence.

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"My organization frequently hosts speaking events. Mark and the LED team are always the perfect addition to engagements and work to motivate teams to excellence."

Susan Wells

Program Director

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