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A woman sits at the head of a conference table behind her laptop, with a whiteboard of sticky notes behind her, leading a meeting.


Practice the Fundamentals

I was once asked: What’s the biggest insight you’ve had throughout your career regarding leadership? Wow!…

A pair of glasses being held up in front of an eye chart, and the part of the chart seen through the lens of the glasses is in perfect focus.


Create Clarity

High Performance Organizations do things lesser performing organizations don’t – they create clarity on what’s important…

A businesswoman and businessman discussing something from a stack of papers they hold in front of them.


Delegation without Guilt

A question I believe many leaders have struggled with is: How do I delegate without guilt?…

a man standing before his coworkers leading a meeting with a screen presentation behind him


Create the Target Before You Shoot the Arrow

Do you have a target for what you are trying to accomplish? I saw a cartoon…

A close-up picture of the figures of men in a table football game


Who Is Your Competition?

Who is your competition? It may not be who you think it is. I was reminded…

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Plan to Grow

Personal growth should be the leader’s highest priority. I liken it to the admonition you hear…

A man standing in the front of a room before a whiteboard with sticky notes on it, making a presentation to 3 other men seated around the room.


Don’t Change That!

I believe that leaders must create change. If you and I can’t create positive change, we…

a group of people silhouetted against a pink sky, one man leading in front of the others


Has Your Team Been Hijacked?

Who should lead your team? The answer may not be as clear as you think. But…

A woman sitting at a desk looking frustrated, with a manager standing next to her pointing at the papers in front of her on the desk.


The Happy Trap

The best leaders don’t make everyone happy. That may sound harsh to you – it may…

A laptop on a desk with people pointing at the screen, working together.


Trend or Issue?

I have been very fortunate to work with some really smart people. This has had many…

Close up. confident young team joining their hands. The concept of unity


How To Revive A Culture

At a global leadership summit I attended years ago, Bill Hybels shared some of his “hard…

A man sitting at his work desk in front of his computer, hands raised in the air in triumph


How Great Do You Want to Be?

Momentary greatness is common – sustained greatness is rare. You may have experienced it yourself. I…