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A woman sitting in an office across a desk from a man who is interviewing her


Select Top Talent

Selecting employees is not the same as recruiting talent. The difference between the two is profound.…

Two men sitting across from each other in a restaurant booth, working on computers and talking together.


5 Must-Haves for Team Members

One of the most important decisions you and I make as leaders is, “Who’s on our…

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Don’t Change That!

I believe that leaders must create change. If you and I can’t create positive change, we…

A woman sitting at a desk looking frustrated, with a manager standing next to her pointing at the papers in front of her on the desk.


The Happy Trap

The best leaders don’t make everyone happy. That may sound harsh to you – it may…

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Investing in People

In challenging economic times, one of the easiest items to cut from the budget is learning…