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A group of men and women sitting outside on a patio, facing each other and engaged in conversation


Learn from Others

For many years, I have met with a group of men twice a month. We’ve been…

A group of players on a sports team, standing in a huddle with their arms around each other.


Master Team Basics

I am a big fan of teams. Obviously I have a strong bias since I wrote…

A photo of several peoples' hands stacked on top of each other in a circle, with colorful sweater sleeves, getting ready for a cheer


Act As One

High Performance Organizations must strive to Act as One. To Act as One is a simple…

A businessman's hand holding a magicians hat with chalk drawn rabbit ears sticking outside of it.


How to Pull a Rabbit Out of Your Hat

I once watched a magician named Derek Hughes perform… he was amazing! To the casual observer,…

A woman stands in front of a group of coworkers seated around a table, making a presentation with a chart of the wall beside her.


One Tool Every Leader Needs

How do you keep score as a leader? What key metrics ultimately determine whether you are…

Two coworkers, one seated and one standing, looking at a computer monitor together in a large open office area.


People Don’t Care

Here’s a specific question I get asked often: How do you create a workplace where people…

coworkers sitting around a table in a conference room with a bright orange wall, working on a whiteboard with sticky notes


A Simple Idea With Huge Potential

How can you accelerate your team’s performance? Here’s a simple idea that I have used that…