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A woman sitting in an office across a desk from a man who is interviewing her


Select Top Talent

Selecting employees is not the same as recruiting talent. The difference between the two is profound.…

A group of players on a sports team, standing in a huddle with their arms around each other.


Master Team Basics

I am a big fan of teams. Obviously I have a strong bias since I wrote…

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Leading People Who are Different

How do you lead a team with vastly different personalities? I once received this question after…

Three friends jumping from a snowy sidewalk into the air, excited with hands raised.


How Fun Is It To Work For You?

When my oldest son was little, I found myself coaching one of his baseball teams. During…

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Pursue Genuine Community

Teams outperform individuals in virtually every situation. This fact has not escaped the attention of most…

African American man sitting at a desk in front of his computer leaning on his hand, looking overwhelmed or frustrated


The Peter Principle

The Peter Principle was published in 1969. The premise: often people are promoted, again and again,…