Lead Every Day


A group of coworkers sitting around a table with notebooks and pens, listening and taking notes.

New Hire Orientation

Horst Schultze, the former president of the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain, said, ”The most important time in…

A pair of glasses being held up in front of an eye chart, and the part of the chart seen through the lens of the glasses is in perfect focus.

Create Clarity

High Performance Organizations do things lesser performing organizations don’t – they create clarity on what’s important…

A group of young coworkers sitting around a laptop computer on a table, laughing with each other.

Harness The Power of a Start-up… Even if You Aren’t in Start-up Mode

Have you ever been part of a start-up? Do you know people who have? What can…

Two men sitting across from each other in a restaurant booth, working on computers and talking together.

5 Must-Haves for Team Members

One of the most important decisions you and I make as leaders is, “Who’s on our…

a man standing before his coworkers leading a meeting with a screen presentation behind him

Create the Target Before You Shoot the Arrow

Do you have a target for what you are trying to accomplish? I saw a cartoon…

A woman sitting at a desk looking frustrated, with a manager standing next to her pointing at the papers in front of her on the desk.

The Happy Trap

The best leaders don’t make everyone happy. That may sound harsh to you – it may…