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A group of three coworkers leaning in toward a laptop computer on a table, examining something there together

Five Ways to Spark Creativity in Your Team

Tapping into creativity is a constant challenge. In a business climate that can turn on a…

Two men sitting across from each other in a restaurant booth, working on computers and talking together.

5 Must-Haves for Team Members

One of the most important decisions you and I make as leaders is, “Who’s on our…

five hands in a row laid out on a table, all different skin tones

Leading People Who are Different

How do you lead a team with vastly different personalities? I once received this question after…

African American man sitting at a desk in front of his computer leaning on his hand, looking overwhelmed or frustrated

The Peter Principle

The Peter Principle was published in 1969. The premise: often people are promoted, again and again,…