Lead Every Day


A group of men and women sitting outside on a patio, facing each other and engaged in conversation

Learn from Others

For many years, I have met with a group of men twice a month. We’ve been…

A woman sitting with her laptop open on the table in front of her. Coworkers are sitting around the table with her, and they are looking at her as she speaks.

Creating A Culture of Accountability

How do you hold people accountable? This is a question I’ve been asked many times over…

A close-up photo of two very green and healthy plants growing out of the ground.

Plan to Grow

Personal growth should be the leader’s highest priority. I liken it to the admonition you hear…

A woman sitting at a desk looking frustrated, with a manager standing next to her pointing at the papers in front of her on the desk.

The Happy Trap

The best leaders don’t make everyone happy. That may sound harsh to you – it may…

A woman stands in front of a group of coworkers seated around a table, making a presentation with a chart of the wall beside her.

One Tool Every Leader Needs

How do you keep score as a leader? What key metrics ultimately determine whether you are…