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Ten Tips for Brilliant Brainstorming

In "Uncommon Greatness," Mark lays out the five fundamentals that will transform your leadership. One of them involves thinking differently, and part of thinking differently is carving out time as an individual and a team to come up with new ideas. Brainstorming as a team can be frustrating or fruitful, depending on how you approach it. To help you get started, we created "Ten Tips for Brilliant Brainstorming" to get the most out of your time coming up with new ideas as a team. Download it for free today!

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Culture Rules Group Discussion Questions

After completing a global study with more than 6,000 participants from ten countries, Mark Miller and his team have exposed the most predominant fissures and their fixes. Culture Rules makes the case for why leaders should invest their time and energy on building culture and gives them three simple, actionable rules they must play by if they want to stay in the game and win!

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