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Culture Rules

The Leader's Guide to Creating the Ultimate Competitive Advantage


What are your hopes and dreams for your culture?

Your organization’s culture influences your results. This latest resource from Mark Miller is a powerful primer on creating a positive organizational culture to release untapped potential and transform performance.

Grow your culture

Culture is the cumulative effect of what people see, hear, experience, and believe. How are you fostering a winning work environment?

Serve your team

High performance culture happens when your organization reaches alignment, performance, and improvement milestones. How are you guiding your team towards these goals?

Lead bravely

The challenges leaders face in today’s world are unprecedented. Approach these roadblocks head-on to build the organization you dream of.

Culture Rules

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Who is Culture Rules for?

Whether you're flying solo, have a management team assisting you, or work alongside other leaders — Culture Rules resources your ability to direct your organization into a high-performance culture.

Individual Leaders

You have a grand vision of where your organization can be. Find the support you need to guide your team well.

Leaders & Managers

Share your organizational aspirations and activate a dedicated team.

Teams of Leaders

Align organizational goals as your team deftly looks toward the future.

About the Author

More than four decades encouraging and equipping leaders for one of the world’s most beloved brands.

Mark's passion is taking ordinary people and helping them transform into High Performance Leaders. These types of leaders have the potential to take their organizations to new levels of productivity and success. This all begins with a dedication to lifelong learning.

"I’ve been a fan of Mark Miller for years and have loved all his books. Culture Rules combines Mark’s decades of leadership experience; a multiyear, multimillion-dollar study on organizational culture; and listening to thousands of global leaders to unearth the universal truths about building High Performance Cultures. This book is a game changer!"

Tommy Spaulding

New York Times Bestselling Author of The Heart-Led Leader and The Gift of Influence

"Mark Miller has put together a comprehensive collection of advice around the most elusive aspect of business success. Every leader will no doubt find something valuable in Culture Rules to apply to their organization."

Patrick Lencioni

New York Times Bestselling Author, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

"Culture Rules provides a practical road map for human-centered leaders to build stronger cultures. Whether you’re an executive working to influence large-scale change or a team leader working to build a great culture on your team, this book will inspire your thinking and give you easy-to-implement approaches to build the culture you need."

Karin Hurt

CEO of Let’s Grow Leaders and Author of Courageous Cultures

"Far too many leaders assume that organizations with great cultures are soft on performance. Mark Miller makes the case in Culture Rules that nothing could be further from the truth. High Performance Cultures enable people and their organization to win. Read this book and change your world!"

Ryan Leak

Executive Coach, Communicator, and Author of Chasing Failure

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